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Control ID Confirmed  Updated Detail  
T3WL-20171130 2017/7/11   Computing: I want to change GPU clock using nvidia-smi. (Nov. 30) GPU clock can not be changed with user privilege is a bug in nvidia-driver. Waiting for NVIDIA to provide a modified driver.
T3WL-20171102 2017/11/1   Login node: In order to reduce the load of the login node, how about preparing an IO  dedicated node? For the time being, please use CIFS bridge server together.
T3WL-20170927A 2017/9/26  

User's guide: In the batch script example of 4.2.3 "Job script - serial job/GPU job",the module command initialization script described as "./etc/profile.d/modules.", the last "sh" is missing. Correctly "./etc/profile.d/"

It will be fixed.
T3WL-20170926A 2017/8/1 2017/9/27 Portal: Issuance of preferential TSUBAME account for access card holders is not approved. Please make clear the procedures for applying the account. Because the access cards can be issued to anyone, it is possible that an unfair preferential account will be created. Therefore, it is necessary to review documents by preferential TSUBAME account for access card holders. For details, please check here.
T3WL-20170829B 2017/8/28   Application Program: I want MISC package to be included in LAMMPS Packages except for GPU are not planned.
T3WL-20170829A 2017/8/29   User's guide: I would like you to write the script part of user's guide so that it works when copying and pasting. (For example, comments are interpreted as comments on a script.)  
T3WL-20170824B 2017/8/24   Protal: The content of the mail is unkind. We have recognize it as problem, but the developer has not dealt with it yet.
T3WL-20170824A 2017/8/24   Portal: to be able to display properly even in the absence of either Japanese or English name.  
T3WL-20170822B 2017/8/22   User's guide: pleaes prepare billing related manual quickly. We urge the developer.
T3WL-20170822A 2017/8/22   Batch queue: I want to make it easy to use interactive job using qrsh command. I could not know the available time of the node and could not use it at all when crowded.  
T3WL-20170807F 2017/8/4   Batch queue: I want an interface to check resource usage status like qstat. We will prepare as soon as possible.
T3WL-20170807E 2017/8/5 2017/8/8 Computing: I would like to use the older version (ver. 4.6.7) than the T3 standard(ver. 5) with GROMACS. Since GROMACS 5 series and 4 series are very different, we will consider implementation. 
T3WL-20170807D 2017/8/7   Storage: I want a command that can display disk usage like "t2quota -g".  
T3WL-20170807C 2017/8/7   Computing: I want to use SVN.  
T3WL-20170807B 2017/8/5 2017/8/8 Computing: I want to use git. It became available on 22, 80 ports.
T3WL-20170807A 2017/8/5   Portal: Enable 1st year students to select "類(kind)"  
T3WL-20170802E 2017/8/2 2017/8/24 Portal: When entering password phrase not following entry rules, an error message to follow the input rules prompted but how can I know the input rules?  (24 Aug.)It is described in TSUBAME 3.0 user's guide. But it is unkind, so reuesting the modification to the developer. 
T3WL-20170802D 2017/8/1   Uesr's guide: Please describe more about qsub, sqstat options.  
T3WL-20170802B 2017/8/1   User's guide: In "4.2.7. Job submission", the -g option indicating a group is described as "please use it as qsub command option instead of in script", but in the "4.2.5. Job script - MPI job" "SGI MPI environment" is described "in the script".  
T3WL-20170802A 2017/8/1 2017/8/24 User's guide: There is no english version manual.

In preparation.

(24 Aug.) was published. Portal guide is still under construction.


Control ID Confirmed Updated Detail  
T3WL-20170927C 2017/9/26 - Applecation Program: I want to use Python3

Please load the following modules.

module load python-extension / 3.4

If module 2.7 has already been loaded, please use module purge.

T3WL-20170927B 2017/9/26 - Batch queue: I want to submit a dependent job (to start when specific job is ended, or to add execution order). Example: As soon as the job named TEST is finished, execute the job named TEST2.
$ qsub -N TEST
$ qsub -N TEST2 -hold_jid TEST
T3WL-20170802C 2017/8/1 2017/8/17 User's guide: In "5.2. Fluent", there is a command "module load fluent / R18.1", but there is no module named "fluent", it may be a typo of ansys / R18.1.

It is a typo of "$ module load ansys/R18.1" will correct.

(17 Aug.) Corrected.

T3WL-20170818A 2017/8/18 2017/8/18 Application Program: After loading the module "Schrodinger", please set the PATH to utilities. Fixed.