Distribution procedure of MATLAB license for faculty staff

Please use Individual license for stuff

The Campus licenses already provided will be stopped after May 2019.

If you are using a Campus license, please follow the steps below to associate the Individual license.

If you use an email address other than m.titech.ac.jp, you need to change email address of MathWorks Account .

  1. Login https://jp.mathworks.com/mwaccount/ 
  2. Click "Profile" > "Edit Profile" and change email address from profile screen and click "Update".
  3. The email will be sent to the email address you changed, please approve the change from the link in the email.

After changing to m.titech.ac.jp email address, associate it with the Individual license.

When you register an account with m.titech.ac.jp email address from the beginning, it is automatically associated.

  1. Login https://jp.mathworks.com/mwaccount/ and display "My Software" from "My Account".
  2. If "License : 1070812, Label : Individual, Option : Total Headcount, Use : Academic" is not displayed, click "+ Associate to an additional license".
  3. Input "1070812" and click "associate".
  4. When it is displayed that the university-owned license has been associated, it is complete.

Activate the installed MATLAB license.This task is required for each MATLAB installed PC. Please see installation guide. 

  1. Start MATLAB on a installed PC.
  2. Click "Home" > "Help" > "Licensing" > "Activate Software".
  3. Check "Activate automatically using the Internet (recommended)" and go next.
  4. Check "Log in to My MathWorks Account" and go next.
  5. Check "Select a license" and select "License : 1070812, Label : Individual, Option : Total Headcount, Use : Academic", go next.
  6. "Windows User Name" is optional. By default, the activation application fills in the user name of the person running the activation application. Normally there is no need to change.
  7. If all the information displayed is correct, click Confirm.