Notification of the TSUBAME service stop for system updates around the batch scheduler (operation date 12/19)


We will maintain TSUBAME accompanied by extensive service stop to fix the defects and update around the batch scheduler (UGE).
It is the service stop of the busy period where paper writing concentrates. We apologize for your inconvenience but please understand and cooperate.

1. Time window

Tuesday, December 19th, 9:00-17:00
※We will restart the service in order as soon as work is done.

2. Impact

 - Job Scheduler (all the compute nodes will be down)
 - TSUBAME portal

3. Available services during the maintenance

 - Login node
 - Storage Service (/home, /gs/hs0, /gs/hs1 and /gs/hs2)
 - License servers (lice0, remote and t3ldap1. Including in-campus distribution software referring to them)
 - TSUBAME hosting (Operating independently from the TSUBAME service)
 - Information education computer systems (iMac on Computer room)
TSUBAME web page (This web site)

4. Purpose

 - UGE update
 - Bug fix for resource assignment
 - Bug fix for the resource reservation of it (The release date of the service is TBD.)
 - Interim measures against TSUBAME point excessive consumption

5. Important points

Running or waiting jobs will be deleted.