Notification of the TSUBAME service stop for system updates around the batch scheduler (operation date 1/29)


We will conduct a maintenance of TSUBAME accompanied by extensive service stop to fix the defects and update around the batch job scheduler (UGE).

  1. Time window

    Monday, January 29th, 9:00-17:00
    ※We will restart the service in order as soon as work is done.

  2. Impact
    • Job Scheduler (all the compute nodes will be down)
    • TSUBAME portal
  3. Available services during the maintenance
    • Login node (login0, login1) - nodes are rebooted during the maintenance if necessary
    • Storage Service (/home, /gs/hs0, /gs/hs1 and /gs/hs2)
    • License servers (lice0, remote and t3ldap1. Including in-campus distribution software referring to them)
    • TSUBAME hosting (Operating independently from the TSUBAME service)
    • Information education computer systems (iMac on Computer room)
    • TSUBAME web page (This web site)
  4. Purpose and maintenance tasks
    • Security enhancement of compute nodes
      • Applying security fix for CPU vulnerabilities
    • Update of batch job scheduler (UGE)
      • Fix for resource assignment bugs
      • Fix for reservation functionality
  5. Important points

    Running or waiting jobs will be deleted during this maintenance.
    After the maintenance, security fix of CPU vulnerabilities may affect compute and I/O performance.