【IMPORTANT】Request for data organization and taking over

For all the TSUBAME users,

March 15, 2018

【IMPORTANT】【Request for data organization and taking over】

If you will graduate or transfer, you must change the permission of your data in your group disk to: 
2770(rwxrws---) for directories
660(rw-rw----) for files.
Otherwise anyone will not be able to read and write permanently.

     As announced every year, if you will not be the TSUBAME user, please organize and take over your data in advance. In particular in the laboratory, please be sure to properly take over to enable the member to read the data for future research.

     No one knows when users will be unable to access data when the owner's sudden illness or absence. Please back up data on a daily basis and pay attention to the permission.

     In principle, we can not accept requests for data movement and restoration with change permission or owner, because it is very dangerous to operate various data with different capacity, number of files and directory structure one by one with administrator's privilege, and there is a problem with using it even though it is related persons. Please keep informed in advance.

     We are planning that the group who purchased a group disk in March can access to the group disk until around April 15 even if the group will not purchase it for April. However, unless proper permissions are set for files and directories in the group disk, they are of course unreadable/unwritable.

・Expiration date of TSUBAME account 

     It is linked with the expiration date of Tokyo Institute of Technology IC card. If you have an account not related to the IC card, please see the expiration date information at the time of application. Related Link: アカウントの有効期限

・Data after expiration

     Although it will not be deleted immediately, there is a possibility of deleting it for effective use of resources.

・Data handling when continuing to use TSUBAME after admission or transter

     Unlike TSUBAME 2.5, UID is not changed in TSUBAME 3 even after status change. However, please be aware that you may not be able to belong to an existing group depending on account type.

・Data taking over example (The link below is the page of TSUBAME 2.5)

About other systems

     Mail authentication at Tokyo Tech Portal can be used for 90 days even after the expiration date of the IC card. You can continue to use The Tokyo Tech Mail system during this time.


    Since the data of the educational computer system (iMac in the training room) are stored on TSUBAME, it will become impossible to use immediately if the expiration date of the IC card is passed.