Service stop for the maintenance at the end of the fiscal year (Spring 2018)


As usual, the large-scale maintenance including the charge system will be performed from the end of March. We will let you know the details later.

 (3/2 added)

It may change in the future.

1. Duration
 27 Mar. (Tue.) 9:00 - 4 Apr. 17:00 (Wed.)

2. Stop service
 Batch queue (All computation nodes are stopped and can not e used)
 Login (login0,1)
 Storage service (/home,/gs/hs0,/gs/hs1,/gs/hs2)
 License server (lice0 etc. TSUBAME3.0software. Including in-campus distribution software referring to this server.
 Educational computer system (iMac in the training room)

3. Service not to stop
 GSIC hosting
 TSUBAME computing services (this site).

4. Task and puropose
 Preparation for operation in the next fiscal year.
 Bug fix around numerous job schedulers.
 Improve and add function of Portal.