Group disk /gs/hs0 maintenance notice (scheduled on Jun. 27)


  Maintenance for the recovery of group disk fault occurred on Jun. 15 is scheduled as follows:

1. Date and Time

  12:15 - 13:15, Wed., Jun. 27, 2018         *The end time may slightly change depending on the situation.

2. Details

  As OST, which should be supposed to be managed by ossa0 which is a part of OSS configuring /gs/hs0, is managed by ossa1 at present because of the fault,  it will be taken back by this maintenance.

3. Impact

  I/O against /gs/hs0 could be delayed up to 30 minutes during the maintenance.

4. Next action

  The bug will be fixed with update at a maintenance for power outage in August.

5. Technical words

  OST: Object Storage Target
  OSS: Object Storage Service