About suspension of TSUBAME 3.0 Calculation service due to simultaneous closure of summer in 2018 · Power outage


TSUBAME 3.0 Calculation service will be stopped as follows as a result of power outage and simultaneous closure due to regular inspection of laws and ordinances. During mass closure, we will conduct a large-scale maintenance that can not be carried out during normal operation.


1. Stop period

From Wednesday 8 August (Wed) 9:00 am until August 17 (Fri) around 12:00

* There is a possibility of going back and forth.

In addition, we will suspend the inspection if the inspection is postponed due to rain.


2. Stop service

Batch queue (All computation nodes are stopped and can not be used)
TSUBAME portal
Login (login 0, 1)
Storage services (/ home, / gs / hs 0, / gs / hs 1, / gs / hs 2)
License server (software such as lice 0 TSUBAME 3.0, including in-campus distribution software referring to this server)


3. Service not to stop

GSIC hosting
TSUBAME calculation service web page (this website)


4. Main work contents, work purpose

Fixed a bug in the Luster file system
Kernel update
Portal bug fixes
OmniPath driver (10.7) update
GPU driver, CUDA (9.1) update
Correction Update for UGE Docker
Freeware version up
Other security updates