Notes on the busy season (point deadline, account deadline, data handover, others)


Notes on the busy season(2018)

As the deadline for graduation thesis approaches, the utilization rate increases and the job waiting time becomes longer. Please make sure that you plan on using a schedule with a margin.

We have summarized some of the most important points in the busy season as follows, so we ask everyone tio read below.

1. Make the Wall Time (h_rt) as short as possible

Jobs are basically executed in order of entry. If the next job to be executed is a parallel job and the number of free compute nodes is less than the number required for execution, those nodes will wait without doing anything until the number of units is obtained.

If a job set with a short Wall Time that ends before the scheduled start time of this parallel job has been subsequently submitted, short time job is scheduled to overtake the previous parallel job and fill this gap, the waiting time may be shortened (Backfill). If the Wall Time value is wastefully large, the job that should have been executed may not be in this gap and waste resources. Please specify the value closer to the actual execution time and submit the job.

2. The expiration date of TSUBAME points is fiscal year end

TSUBAME points are valid at the end of the fiscal year. Please note that surplus TSUBAME points will expire and you will not be able to refund or transfer. Please keep in mind that it can not be used until 3/31 because maintenance is done every time at the end of the fiscal year.

Reference (in Japanese):「(ポイントの有効期限) 第6条 ポイントは,購入した年度に限り有効とする。」

3. Account expiration date

As for the validity period of account by student card, stuff ID card, preferential access card, it is the validity period of Tokyo Tech IC card, as stipulated in 「東京工業大学学術国際情報センター計算機システム利用細則」. 

4. Request for handover of data due to graduation or moving

We have received many inquiries such as that data necessary for research can not be read every year due to inadequate handover of data. The data created by the user belongs to the user, and it is obliged for the user to properly manage, take over and delete it.

Since it is extremely dangerous to manipulate various data with different size, file number and directory structure with administrator's privilege, we will not move data and restore by GSIC in principle. Actually, depending on the group, there are cases where tens of millions of files exist, it is impossible to correspond individually.

Before the account expires, be sure to return the data to the laboratory or set the appropriate permissions on the group disk so that group members can read and write. Please delete unnecessary data as much as possible.

5. Year-end maintenance

 Although the implementation date is still unknown, year-end maintenance will be carried out for about a week from the last week of March to the first week of April. Since you can not log in at all during maintenance, please pay attention to future announcements so that you do not panic if you do not get data right before. Especially, if the expiration date of the IC card is reached during maintenance, please note that even if operation resumes, no data can be accessed at all.

 (2019.3.5追記) 年度末メンテナンスはこちらをご覧ください。