Started accepting payment code application for FY 2019


【Payment code in FY 2019】

We have started accepting applications for payment codes to be used in FY2019. After logging in to the TSUBAME portal (, you can apply using the following procedure.
  -Click the "Manage payment code"
  -Click the "New payment code request" button.
  -Select the "FY2019" in the "Year of use" section
  -Click the "Request" button.
  *Even if it is the same as the payment code used in 2018, please note that it is necessary to apply for the payment code to be used in 2019.

The approved payment code for FY 2019 will not be available during FY 2018.
From April 3, 2019, it will be available to assign payment codes to the TSUBAME Group and purchase points.

Please note the following when applying for the payment code for FY 2019:

<<Start date and End date of Research reriod>>
If the research period start date is before Apr. 1, 2019, please enter Apr. 1, 2019 for the "Start date" field. (When applying for a payment code for FY 2019, you can not enterr the start date prior to Apr. 1, 2019.) 
If the research period end date is after Mar. 31, 2020, please enter March 31 2020 for the "End Date" field. (When applying for a payment code for FY 2019, you can not enter the End date later than Mar. 31, 2020.)

<<If the budget classification is "except for corporate operating expenses and scholarship donation">>
Among the applications for payment code for FY 2019, the application for budget categories “except for corporate operating expenses and scholarship donation” will be approved after April 1, 2019 and after the information of budget code, budget name and budget manager is reflected in Purchase Request System.

For details, please refer to 5.3.1. Payment code application in the "TSUBAME portal User's Guide".