Request for a report on the usage field and usage status of TSUBAME



For the continuation and improvement of TSUBAME services, from FY 2019, we would like to request the following two information to our users.


1. Setting of "main use field" of TSUBAME group (at the start of use)

Before purchasing TSUBAME points in TSUBAME portal, please select the main use field on portal for each TSUBAME group. Please note that TSUBAME points can not be purchased if the usage field is not set. Please see “8. TSUBAME main application field setting” for how to operate.


2. Submission of “Usage Report” of TSUBAME Group (at any time, at least once a year)

For each TSUBAME group that has been charged one or more times in the fiscal year, please submit a usage report by around May of the next fiscal year.

We are planning to ask for the following format.

  • Papers, Oral Presentations, Awards, Press Coverage (with or without peer review)
    We provide a form that allows you to enter the general bibliographic form displayed in T2R2, DBLP, etc.
  • Class usage plan
    Please upload a file with the subject code, class name, number of students expected, class schedule, etc. in
    this format.
    Please report as early as possible, for reference in the maintenance plan of TSUBAME.
  • Annual Usage Report
    Please submit in the prescribed format (during preparation) if there are no items listed above.