Notice of temporary suspension of Singularity service


We have found a possible operational problem with Singularity in TSUBAME, and have temporarily suspended the release of Singularity to investigate the situation. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

affected versions: all version
resumption period: not decided 7/21 15:20 (There are some restrictions for the usage)

(7.21 15:20 updated)

Singularity has been reopened with some functionality restrictions.

  • Arbitrary directory bind option such as "--bind" is now forbidden.(8/18 resolved)
    • /scr  and  /gs  directories are bound by default without specifying the option.(8/18 restore the setting)
    • home directory is also automatically bound as before.

The above restrictions are expected to continue until at least the time of the August maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to users of --bind, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.


(8.5 16:00 updated)

The above restrictions on Singularity usage are expected to continue for a while after the August maintenance. We apologize for the prolonged delay, and thank you for your understanding.


(8.18 16:30 updated)

Since the issue has been fixed, the restriction on the use of --bind has been removed and allow you to mount any directory from the end of today's maintenance.
As a result, the automatic binding of /scr and /gs has been removed, so if you want to use these directories from within a container, please specify them explicitly specifying --bind option.