Unavailability period for application license expiration and renewal at the end of July(8/1 17:10 renewed)


(2022.08.01 17:10 Update: Intel Compiler license extensions have ended.)
(2022.08.01 17:10 Update: ANSYS Electronics is unavailable.) ANSYS 2019 R3 and earlier no longer works properly with the new license and should be upgraded to the latest version.
(2022.08.01 11:30 Update: Schrodinger license extensions have ended.)
(2022.07.29 16:50 Update: ANSYS license extensions have ended.)
(2022.07.29 13:35 Update: Intel Compiler license will be renewed on 8/1.)
(2022.07.29 12:15 Update: AVS license extensions have ended.)
(2022.07.29 12:15 Update: Biovia(Materials Studio / Discovery Studio) license extensions have ended.)
(2022.07.29 9:30 Update: MSC license extensions have ended.)
(2022.07.29 9:30 Update: New Schrodinger license will be effective 8/1 and will be renewed on 8/1.)
(2022.07.27 Update: Abaqus license extensions have ended.)
(2022.07.26 Update: Intel compiler status has changed)
(2022.07.26 15:30 Update: Recovery of LS-DYNA license has been finished)

We will be renewing licenses for all applications whose licenses will expire at the end of this month, without individual notice, one after another after July 25.
The duration of each outage may last from a few minutes to 30 minutes, during which time applications may be temporarily unavailable, applications in use may be stopped, and job submissions may fail.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Originally, we would allow about a week from the time of the notice to perform work that involves license suspension. However, due to the large number of target applications and the varying status of license preparation, we will perform the work as soon as possible, starting with applications that are ready.
In addition, there is a possibility that some applications will not be available after August 1 because their licenses will not be renewed in time by the end of July, when they expire.

The status and expected updates for each application will be announced in this article as the status becomes known.

Status of Response for applications whose licenses will expire at the end of July 

Name Status of Response.
Abaqus finished(7/27)
ANSYS finished. Some problems Version 2019 and earlier are no longer available.(8/1 17:10)
AVS finished(7/29 12:15)
LS-DYNA finished(7/26 15:30)
MSC finished(7/29 9:30)
Materials Studio/Discovery Studio finished(7/29 12:15)
Schrodinger finished(8/1 11:30)
intel compiler
(up to 2020update4, module version starts with 16~19)
finished(8/1 17:10)


List of applications still available after August

  • intel compiler (2021.1 or later, module version starts with 21)
  • pgi complier
  • allinea forge
  • comsol
  • Gaussian
  • Mathematica
  • Maple