Experimental Services

This is list of applications installed in TSUBAME3.0 experimentally. As it's experimental installation, NO official support will be provided. Support is provided under "best-effort" basis.

If you have question or request about applications listed here, please use regular TSUBAME3.0 contact form. If you have software which makes lots of user happy, please don't hesitate to propose.

How to use

Use moudle command, like other applications installed in TSUBAME3.0.
Module names can be obtained by invoking "module avail".

List of applications

Name Description Details
Score-P Profiler/Tracer for investigating applications' bottlenek Doc
(In Japanese)
Vampir Visualizer of trace files generated by Score-P
Scalasca Application profiler using Score-P
ExanaPkg Cache-line conflict simulator, memory locality and dynamic loop-call nest profilier Src
ParaView Paralell Version Visualization of big-data using ParaView Guide
Jupyter Notebook
launch script
Tool to execute Jupyter Notebook in compute node and connect from your browser Details