Collection of system log information in TSUBAME

In TSUBAME 3.0, we collect the following information for charging, answering questions, failure detection and recovery, detection of abuse, and service improvement by understanding usage.
This information may contain identity such as UID. However, we only use the information for statistical purposes, in addition to maintaining services such as charging, user support, and troubleshooting. We will not track individual user programs nor disclose user-identifying log data to third parties unless requested by judicatories.

(Last Update: 2018.11.05)

  • Job submission and execution history
  • Process execution history
    • Process name
    • Execution node
    • Execution start/end time
  • Access log of servers
  • Processor utilization and load information
  • Usage history of application license
  • Usage history of module file provided by GSIC (Starting from 2018.11.07)