The link to TSUBAME Portal in the auto-mail does not work properly.

Some links automatically generated by the TSUBAME Portal, such as links to approval pages of TSUBAME group invitations, may not function properly depending on your browser or mailer environment. Specifically,

  • The login page of the TSUBAME Portal is displayed instead of being redirected to the correct page.
  • The message like "The referenced URL has expired" is displayed.

If you see this kind of symptom, try copying and pasting the address sent by e-mail to the address bar of the window in which you are logged in from the Tokyo Tech Portal to TSUBAME Portal, and then press the Enter key.

If you still think the system is not working properly, please contact us using the contact form with the following information.

  • Your TSUBAME account login name
  • The date and time of the email sent to you
  • The approximate date and time of the first click on the link
  • Other related TSUBAME Group information, etc.