My application for a payment code was rejected, but why?

When you apply for a payment code on TSUBAME Portal, you will receive a notice of rejection from the TSUBAME Portal if your application is incomplete.
If your application is incomplete, you will receive a rejection notice from TSUBAME Portal. Please check the reason for the rejection in the "Comments from the system administrator" section of the notice, and make corrections if necessary.
The following is a list of typical reasons for rejection and what you need to check when you resubmit.

1. The existence of the corresponding budget could not be confirmed (該当する予算の存在を確認できませんでした)

The above message is sent when the person in charge has checked the existence of the budget code and budget name pair entered in the payment code application on the financial accounting system, but could not find the corresponding budget, including the possibility of a typo.

If the budget is for external funds or Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, please make sure that the budget code for the current fiscal year has already been created in the Request for Supplies system.
Also, please make sure that the budget code, budget name, budget department, budget category, and person in charge of the budget are entered correctly, because if they are not, we will not be able to search them.
In particular, the budget code (32 digits) and budget name have a large number of digits in the financial accounting system from FY2020, and some applications may be missing some of them when transcribing, so we strongly recommend that you follow the procedure below to obtain them.

  • Log in to the New Goods Request System
  • Select Budget Management
  • Select Check Budget Execution Status
  • Select Create CSV
  • Post the "Budget Code" (32 digits) and "Budget Name" in the output CSV file. 

2. I was able to confirm that I had the budget code, but XXX was different. (予算コードがあることまでは確認できましたが、XXXが異なっていました)

The above message is sent when a budget that seems to be applicable is found based on the information entered in the payment code application, but some items do not match the registered contents on the financial accounting system and are incorrect beyond the scope that can be corrected at the discretion of the person in charge as a typo.

Please refer to the previous section, check the registration details displayed in the goods billing system, and then reapply with the correct details.
Please refer to the previous section to check the registration details displayed in the requisition system, and reapply with the correct details. Please note that if the XXX part is the name of the person responsible for the budget, please refer to the next section.

3. I was able to confirm that there was a budget code, but the name of the person responsible for the budget was different. (予算コードがあることまでは確認できましたが、予算責任者氏名が異なっていました)

The above message will be sent when the budget manager's account information on the payment code application does not match the budget manager's information on the financial accounting system.

TSUBAME requires budget managers, including those who do not directly use TSUBAME's computing resources, to obtain a TSUBAME account, agree to the Terms of Service, and fill out their account information in order to ensure that we can communicate with them about their billing needs.
In addition, if the user of the payment code (the main administrator of the TSUBAME group) is different from the budget manager, the budget manager is required to approve the application for the payment code on the TSUBAME portal in order to confirm that the use of the budget is allowed in advance.

4. Rejected because the expense category is not "Other" (費目がその他ではないため、却下します) (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research)

You will receive the above message when you specify a budget code for an expense category other than "Other" of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (goods, travel, and personnel expenses) in the payment code application.

There are four types of budget codes for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, and TSUBAME's computer usage fees are classified as "Other" expenses. (This corresponds to "Facility and equipment usage fees within the research institution" in the table of expense categories common to all government ministries and agencies.)
For this reason, applications for payment codes for expenses other than "Other" will be rejected as an incorrect expense category.

5. If you are not a faculty or staff member, you must be responsible for your own budget. (教職員以外の方は、自身が予算責任者となっている申請に限らせていただいております)

The above message is sent to non-faculty members when they apply for a payment code for a budget for which they are not the budget manager.

Non-faculty members are not allowed to be the payer of TSUBAME for budgets other than those for which they are the budget manager (e.g., Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by JSPS Postdoctoral Fellows).
If you need to use such a budget, please ask an appropriate faculty or staff member to be the payer and reapply for the payment code.
If you have already created a TSUBAME group, please change the group administrator (main) if necessary.

6. The period in which new claims can be generated has already passed. (既に新規請求事項発生可能期間を過ぎています)

The above message will be sent when you cannot purchase new TSUBAME points for your requested budget.

In TSUBAME, purchase operations on the TSUBAME portal are grouped together on a monthly basis, and the budget is transferred to the next month or later.
We have established a period of availability for payment codes so that this transfer process can be done within the budget's available period (within the fiscal year and research period), but we will not accept applications for budgets that have already passed this period and cannot be used to purchase points.
Please note that during the period from January to March, only corporate operating expenses and scholarship donations can be registered and used for payment codes, but the amount used from January to March will be charged to the same budget for the following year.

7. The system administrator has already approved the application for the same fiscal year and the same budget code. (既に同じ利用年度かつ同じ予算コードの申請をシステム管理者が承認済みです)

You will receive the above message when a payment code has already been approved for the same budget.
Please use the approved payment code.