Suspension of TSUBAME3.0 Computing Service due to simultaneous summer holidays and power outage in FY2022 (8/10-17)


 TSUBAME3.0 Computing Service will be stopped as follows due to power outage and simultaneous closure caused by periodic inspection of laws and regulations. In addition, we will perform large-scale maintenance that cannot be performed during normal operation.

2022-08-17 17:00 Service is now available.

1. period

From Aug 10(Wed) 9:00 AM to Aug 19(Fri) evening

From Aug 10(Wed) 9:00 AM to Aug 17(Wed) evening

* Schedule may vary.

Additional stops will be made if inspections are postponed due to rain.


2. Services to be stopped

 batch queue (all compute nodes will be stopped and unavailable)
 TSUBAME portal
 login (login0,1)
 storage services (/home,/gs/hs0,/gs/hs1)
 license servers (TSUBAME 3.0 software that refers to lice0. Including campus-distributed software that refers to this server)