Purchase and charge (within campus)

1. TSUBAME usage fee will be charged as shown below.


english schedule

※It takes about one month from the charge to reflect on the Request System for Goods
※If you enter the chargeable last date at the time of applying for a new payment code, may be charged without regard to the above schedule. 
※"purchased month" means the month that you operated the point purchase with the TSUBAME portal.
※For January to March, purchasing points is only possible for Management Expense Grants and scholarship donations.


2.You can not charge the number of points after the month following the purchased month.

When purchasing points, please be careful that there are no misstake in the number of points and your budget, because the charging process is started in the beginning of the month following the purchased month.


3.For details on how to check usage fee, please click here.

*If you need to know the usage fee, please get the TSUBAME account and register it to the sub administrator of the TSUBAME group.