ChemOffice / ChemDraw

How to use ChemOffice / ChemDraw contracted by Tokyo Tech.

Laboratories and faculty members using the service are required to pay a fee for its use. Students can use ChemOffice for free and install their own PCs,


2024.03.04  Version 23 is released.

2024.02.07  Signals Notebook Standard Edition will be provided.

2023.04.21  Latest version is 22.2.

2021.12.06  Device management items were disappeared in the Perkinelmer user portal menu for users, and activation by file upload had been disabled. However, this problem has been resolved.

2020.11.19  Version 20  is released. "Chem Office Professional" has been renamed to "ChemOffice+ Cloud". The version 16 will be discontinued. The current license for version 16 or earlier can be used until 2021/03/31, but will no longer be available after that date. Please use version 17 or later.


How to use

How to install ChemOffice 17.0 or later.

If the information on this page is out of date, please see support page of HULINKS.

If online activation fails on the campus network, try file upload activation.

Site(Lab) Serial is no longer available. Please install and activate the required number of units.


Persons entitled to use

Students, Faculty and Staff who belongs to Tokyo Tech.

Tokyo Tech email address( is required for license management.


Usage Fees

Free for students

Faculty members will be charged an annual fee based on the contracted amount for each year for each department and laboratory with users.
Each year we will send a survey to departments to usage of  ChemOffice in their laboratories and the number of faculty and staff members affiliated with them.
In the past, the number of faculty members was simply divided by the number of laboratories. However, in recent years, there are research units with many researchers and large laboratories, so in order to maintain fairness, we ask for one additional unit for every five faculty members who belong to a laboratory,. (Ex. 1 unit for 5 members or less, 2 units for 6-10 members)
A survey of usage is done every year, and a lump-sum charge is made to departments in the following fiscal year's budget based on actual usage in the previous year.
The dues based on recent years of use range from 40,000 yen to 50,000 yen per unit.