ChemOffice / ChemDraw

How to use ChemOffice / ChemDraw licensed to TITECH.

The use fee will be charged for laboratories and teachers to use ChemOffice / ChemDraw. Students belonging to TITECH can install on personal PCs.


new 2018.4.9   Since Version 17 has a problem that the mail address information etc. of other users are visible on the portal site, we are not presenting it now.

2018.4.2  The expiration date is updated until March 31, 2019.

2018.3.30  We are checking about renewal of license expiration date. We are sorry to have kept you waiting, but please wait for a while.

2017.11.16 Version 17 has been released. We are preparing to start using in TITECH. License state has been changed drastically from version 17. It seems that you can not use the old version after new version is provided.


It is currenty under preparation because distribution method is changed from version 17. Validation of the management function becomes available after version updated, so it will be provided to users later. 

Please check the vendor-sipplied user guide for usage.

User Guide (On campus only)

Please see here for distribution of existing version.