Distribution of MATLAB

MATLAB TAH license

Since March 2015 we signed MATLAB's Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license with MathWorks. This allows all students and faculty stuff to use MATLAB unlimitedly at the university. For faculty staff licenses, it is possible to install and use it for faculty staff's personal PC and laboratories PC of assets of university without limitation of number. Up to 4 licenses can be installed and used on student's personal PC.


2019.04.26 Guidance for transition from Campus license to Individual license for current faculty members. At the end of May, the Campus license will no longer be available.
2019.04.26 Updated license server for campus and version R2019a is supported.
2019.04.04 MATLAB portal site for Tokyo Tech was released.
2018.12.06 Campus licenses will be discontinued and Student license will be renamed Individual license. Faculty members will be able to use the Individual license. The activation of the Individual license is changed. You will no longer need an activation key, and you will receive an annual activation on your e-mail address.
2018.10.03 Updated license server for campus, and version R2018b is supported.
2018.04.04 Updated license server for campus, and version R2018a is supported.
2017.09.27 R2017b has been released.
2017.04.07 Updated license server for campus and version R2017a is supported.
2017.04.03 We will hold a MATLAB seminar with the Center for Inovative Teaching and Learning at Oookayama campus on April 12. Please see the link about the contents.
2017.03.30 R2017a has been released. The license has also been updated, and the expiration date has been extended to 2017-04-30.
2016.11.08 We will hold a MATLAB seminar at Suzukakedai campus on November 17.Please see the link and posters about contents. 
2016.10.11 MATLAB 2016b has been released. Already available if you have a MathWorks account. The network license will be renewed later.
2016.08.09 Published MATLAB seminar slide and MATLAB code held on August 3rd. Download from here.
2016.07.26 We will hold MATLAB seminar on August 3rd. Please see the link for details.
2016.07.07 Science and technology calculation software utilization symposium scheduled jointly by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and MathWorks on 27th July. Introduction of MATLAB utilization case and others will be done. Please see the ink for details.
2016.04.06 Updated license of license server, network license support 2016a. (2016.23 file was rolled back when updating server, replaced with the latest file)
2016.03.24 We will hold a MATLAB seminar in April. please seet the link for details. 
2016.03.23 MATLAB 2016a has been released. Already available if you have a MathWorks account. Update of license server is scheduled in early April.
2016.02.19 We updated license of license server urgently, because we confirmed not updated. This allows you to start R2015b by referring to  the license server.
2015.11.13 MATLAB / Simulink seminar for beginners by the Center for Innovative Education and Teaching is scheduked on 25th November. Please see the link for details. MATLAB office Hour is also opend Pleaase also use here.
2015.09.29 R2015b has been released. You can use the latest version from "My License".
2015.07.09 MATLAB seminar for beginners by the Center for Innovative Education and Teaching is scheduled. Please see the link for details. 
2015.06.29 MATLAB seminar will be held on 15th July. Please see the link for details.
2015.06.22 MATLAB seminar is scheduled to be held on 15th July. Details will be posted later.
2015.05.18 We finished publishing MathWorks Materials used in MATLABintroduction seminar. You can continue to view the GSIC documentation.
2015.04.16 We will publish MATLAB introduction seminar materials for about one month
2015.04.15 The MATLAB introduction seminar ended successfully. Approximately 80 people participated in 2 days. Based on this response, a practical seminar will be held after June.
2015.03.30 MATLAB introduction seminar will be held
2015.03.18 We will start publishing license server for campus and provideing concurrent license.
2015.03.13 The license for 2015 was applied. The message on the following expiration date will not be displayed.
2015.03.12 When you start MATLAB, you will get a message saying "MATLAB license expiration will expire in xx days", but there is no problem. It will not be displayed if next year's contract is applied. If you need manual activation because you are not connected to the network etc., follow the procedure to activate.
2015.03.09 We will begin licensing for faculty and students. Version R2105a has been released. 


This agreement is only permitted for research and educational purposes within the university and can not be used for collaborative research or contract research with profit organizations such as companies. In that case please purchase a commercial MATLAB license separately. If it is a collaborative research or an outsourced research with an academic instituion such as a university or a nonprofit organization, it can be used for the university's responsibility of research. 

If you graduate or retire, you lose the right ro use. please uninstall MATLAB.

The license to be distributed is TAH-Campus Designated Conputer license and TAH-Campus Student license. 

Available functions Toolbox

Available products under MATLAB TAH license

Functional details (accessible only in campus)

Recommended packages
Although 50 products can be used, installing all packages takes more time and take up disk space, because it has more than 10GB. Therefore, we guide the recommended packages for each academic field. 


In order to use MATLAB, you need to acquire the MathWorks account and activate the product. Please see below for the details.

Individual license for fuculty stuff and students (formerly known as Student license)

Campus license (formerly for faculty stuff)

Setting of license server

Download and install

Detailed manuals and Q&A are prepared on the MathWorks site, please refer to appropriate one. GSIC does support any troubles occurred.


 Log in to the MathWorks License Center and download th installer. 

 http://jp.mathworks.com/downloads/web_downloads/select_release (You need to login to "My MathWorks")

 Q&A for download 


Run the downloaded installer and install it. You need to login with the MathWorks account on the way, create an account of MathWorks in advance. 

 Install guide

When you launch the installer you will be prompted to login with your MathWorks account. Select the products to be installed from the Toolbox list and install it after downloading it. When installing a PC not connecting to internet, enter the installation key activated in advance. Please note that downloading and installing is very time consuming when installing all 50 products available for the contract because the file size to be downloaded are very large (approximately 10GB). When only MATLAB alone is selected, it is about 1GB. 

You also need to login with MathWorks account in the activation process even after installation is complete. A PC not connected to internet, you need to register the license.lic file acquired by pre-activation. 


User support

GSIC does not provide individual support. Please see the documents prepared by MathWorks. Technical support is handled by MathWorks' customer service support. To use some services you need to login with MathWorks account. 

   Help and documentation on installation and activation are available.

MATLAB Office Hour (Center for Inovative Education and Teaching)
   MATLAB TA helps you to use MATLAB/Simulink in your learning, research, and extracurricular activities.

Tutorial for students
  You can use video teaching materials for students.

Contact support (MathWorks)

 Please check the above documents before inquiry. MathWorks account is required for inquiries. Please specify the license number displayed in the license center and contact from TITECH e-mail address. 



Q. Can I use MATLAB outside of the university?
A. Licenses of  Disignated Computer and Student can be used outside the campus. For overseas, it is available if it is less than 3 months. but depending on the country it may be subject to the export control law. So pleas check with your own risk. Nework license can not be used because it can not refer from outside the campus. 

Q. When start up, the message "MATLAB license expiration date will end in xx days" will be displayed, Do I have to something?
A. Because it is one-year contract, it will be displayed when each year's end comes closer, but when contract of next year is done and license is renewed it will not be displayed. Please use as it is. On a PC that is individually activated, it shoud be updated automatically because it checks the license routinely. Manual activation may be required if it is not connected to the network. In that case please activate according to the prescribed procedure. 

Q. Can I find Actination key?
A. Please read the tutorial page For students.

Q. My affiliation has changed. Do I need to recreate my account with a new email address?
A. Please login to your MathWorks account with registered e-mail address and change your e-mail address in "Edit Profile". Campus license can be used only the mail address of the "titech.ac.jp" domain. Student license can be used only "m.titech.ac.jp" and can not be changed.