About Campus-Wide License of MATLAB


In March 2015, we concluded a TAH (Total Academic Headcount) license for MATLAB with MathWorks. Since 2020, it has upgraded to Campus-Wide License. The Campus-Wide License provides unlimited use of MATLAB, Simulink and other Toolbox, and online learning tools to all Students, Staff, and Researchers, on and off-campus, on any device such as personal PCs and the PCs purchased with the university budget.


  • 2023.09.22 R2023b has been released.
  • 2023.03.23 R2023a has been released.
  • 2023.02.07 MATLAB license page has been renewed.


Past news


Latest version available

  • R2023b (Sep. 2023 released)


  • Faculty and staff, undergraduate students, graduate students, research students, and researchers enrolled at Tokyo Institute of Technology (researchers, etc. who are not in an employment relationship and are engaged in academic research at Tokyo Institute of Technology can also use this service). A Tokyo Tech university email address (@m.titech.ac.jp) is required to use this service.
    If you leave Tokyo Tech due to graduation or leaving your job, please uninstall it.

Purpose of use

  • Education and academic research.
    Commercial and industrial use is not permitted.

Use of MATLAB related-products

Online training. (External link)

For the following products, the administrator needs you to add a license, so please apply to GSIC . When applying, the productss you want to use, Polyspace and RoadRunner will be assigned to your personal account in the "Other Information" field, so please obtain a MathWorks account in advance and enter your account name.

  • MATLAB Parallel Server
  • MATLAB Web App Server
  • MATLAB Production Server
  • Polyspace
  • RoadRunner


How to Use

To use MATLAB, you need to create a MathWorks account. Please create an account (External link) first . Please also check the system requirements (External link) when installing.


Use MATLAB Online

You can use MATLAB Online without installation. Although some products cannot be used, it has the advantage of not being affected by the performance of the PC and requiring no installation cost.


Installation by Individual license

If you wish to install MATLAB on your own PC or on a lab PC used by you, please refer to following page. There is no limit to the number of computers on which MATLAB can be installed.
Please note that a large amount of traffic will occur during installation. 
Enough disk space will be required for installation. All products will be about 24 GB, and other space required for installation. 



Installation on multiple PCs managed in a laboratory, etc.

  • Building and managing a license server on your own PCs(in a closed environment within a LAN, etc.)
    Building a license server requires basic knowledge of server operation and management. In a closed environment that is separated from the external network and licenses cannot be referenced, there is no other option, but depending on the settings in an environment that is connected to the outside of the university, depending on the settings, it may be a serious risk to security and license agreements. Please be aware of this before proceeding. Therefore, GSIC basically does not support construction. If you are connected to the campus network, please consider using the license server prepared for campus use.
  • Refer to the license server (matlab1) for on-campus
    We are setting up a license server that can be referenced from the on-campus network. If you operate a PC connected to the campus network, please consider using this.




Learn how to use



TSUBAME usage guide


Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

  • MATLAB Support
    MATLAB TA helps you to use MATLAB/Simulink in your learning, research, and extracurricular activities. Please visit their office or contact them to get the support


Technical support from MathWorks

Some require a MathWorks Account login.

  • Installation support (download, installation, startup related)
    TEL: 03-6367-6718
  • Customer support (license information, contact information, activation related)
    TEL: 03-6367-6717
  • Technical support (product functions, bug reports, improvement requests, documentation) *Limited to faculty members
    TEL: 03-6367-6707
  • MATLAB Answer (external link)
    Questions can be posted and viewed.



Q. Can MATLAB be used off-campus?
A.Yes, you can use it off-campus. It can be used overseas for less than 3 months, but depending on the country, it may be subject to export control laws, so please check at your own risk. Network licenses cannot be used because they cannot be referenced from outside the university.

Q. When I start up, the message "MATLAB license expires in xx days." is displayed. Is there anything I need to do?
A. Since it is a one-year contract, it will be displayed near the end of each fiscal year, but it will disappear when the contract for the next fiscal year is renewed and the license will be renewed, so please use it as it is. On PCs with individual activation, the license will be checked periodically, so it should be updated automatically, but in some cases, such as not connecting to the network, manual activation may be required. In that case, please follow the steps to activate.

Q. Please let me know the activation key for the student license.
A. Activation keys are no longer required. From now on, verification will be done by email.

Q. I cannot use MATLAB I was using under Designated Computer license.
A. We no longer offer Designated Computer license for faculty and staff. You should also use Individual licenses.

Q. When I try to install additional Toolbox from the MATLAB add-on manager, I get a "Restricted download access" error message and cannot install.
A. This is due to a bug. If this occurs, check the corresponding Toolbox from the MATLAB installer and install it additionally. Please note the following when doing so.
 ■ The toolbox must match the MATLAB release you have installed. Example: You cannot install a toolbox for MATLAB R2018a into MATLAB R2017b.
 ■ For Specify Installation Folder, specify an existing MATLAB installation directory.
 ■ In [Specify products to install], select only optional products to be added.

Q. I want to use Toolboxes (MATLAB Parallel Server, RoadRunner, etc.) that cannot be obtained from the MATLAB License Center.
A. Campus-Wide License, which is a university-wide license, allows you to use all Toolboxes. However, MATLAB Parallel Server, MATLAB Web App Server, MATLAB Production Server, RoadRunner, etc. require separate procedures by the administrator. Please refer to the available functions above .