Getting Accounts

How to apply for a TSUBAME account


1.A holder of a student ID card or a staff ID card

You can use not only TSUBMAE but also all ISV applications and our large format printers.

  1. Login to Tokyo Tech Portal.
  2. Click "TSUBAME portal" and apply for registration on "TSUBAME portal" page.

The term of validity of your account is the same as your ID card.


2.A holder of an access card

A holder of access card who can be applied the same preferential fee as Tokyo Tech members, can make application for a TSUBME account as follows:

  1. Look at this and confirm if you can be applied the preferential fee.
  2. Get an access card.
  3. Login to Tokyo Tech Portal.
  4. Click "TSUBAME portal" and apply for registration on "TSUBAME portal" page.
  5. Submit copies of certification for your position.

Those who do not have preferential treatment even with an access card can not use this method. Please consider other methods.
The term of validity of your account is the same as your access card.


3.Other account

  1. Partnership Resource Allocations

    The datails are here.

  2. International Collaboration

    The datails are here.

  3. Reserach Collabolation based on Research Fund or Industrial Contracts

    The datails are here.

  4. Research based on competitive funds and collaborative research agreement

    The datails are here.

  5. HPCI

    The datails are here.


Account Login Name

Your login name (login ID) is determined by your usage and identity.

  • Tokyo Tech student (student ID card): Your student ID number (e.g. 17B00001) is your login name. The student login name is the same for Tokyo Tech Portal and TSUBAME, and from the 2011 academic year, the accounts of TSUBAME and the education system will be shared. (Starting in March 2019, the education system has been updated to the new system and will operate independently of TSUBAME. You don't need a TSUBAME account to use the education system, you need to get one separately, as shown here.)  If your student ID number changes due to your enrollment, your login name will be changed, but your data will be retained.

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  • Tokyo Tech faculty and staff (staff card): The "-" (hyphen) in front of the @ of the email address in the University-wide Mail Service is your login name. (dot)" to "- (hyphen)" in front of your @ email address is your login name. For example, in the case of Taro Toukou, his email address is toukou.t.aa and his TSUBAME login name is "toukou-t-aa".
  • Preferential access card: The access card number (A0123457) is your login name.
  • Use by HPCI and JHPCN: If you already have an account at the time of HPCI or JHPCN, you can choose to use an existing account or add a new account.
  • Other users: YYIA(A)NNN(N), where YY is the year of application, I is a capital letter I, A(A) is one or two letters of the alphabet as set by the GSIC, NNN(N) is a three or four digit number as set by the GSIC. For example, the login name for an account for those who applied for the 2017 fiscal year would be 17ITA001.