About usage fees

The following is an overview of TSUBAME usage fees.

Some parts of the actual rules have been simplified for the sake of explanation, so please refer to the Handling of Charging Fees in the rules and bylaws for details.

This article is written based on the rules applicable to FY 2021.

Unit of purchase for usage fees

Purchase units and prices vary depending on the category of user or group.

budget terms of use purchase unit price

campus users

only campus users about 200 node hours 5,000 yen
including non-campus users about 200 node hours 20,000 yen

non-campus users

publication of results about 1,000 node hours 110,000 yen (including tax)
non-publication of results(industrial use) about 1,000 node hours 330,000 yen (including tax)


About TSUBAME groups

A TSUBAME group is a unit of usage and billing for TSUBAME compute nodes and storage.Campus users can create groups at their discretion, but the faculty member who is responsible for payment must be the group administrator (main) (≒ group creator).

Groups of non-campus users will be created by the Center for Global Scientific Information and Computing Center based on the content of the application for use.


About TSUBAME points

TSUBAME points are required when using compute nodes and storage. 3,600 points are given to the group per "about one node hour" in the above table.

About 3,600 points are consumed when using an entire one compute node and one hour.

If you increase the number of nodes or execution time, the number of points required will increase proportionally.

In addition, for resource types that use only several CPU cores or GPUs instead of the entire compute node, the TSUBAME points consumed will be cheaper depending on the amount of resources.

By paying 2 to 4 times the normal amount of TSUBAME points, jobs can be executed with higher priority.

If you use the Lustre file system as group storage, it will consume 36,000 points per 1TB/month (equivalent to "about 10 node hours" in the above table).

In principle, you need to purchase storage of the same capacity in bulk until the end of the fiscal year, but the unused portion can be refunded later as TSUBAME points and used for calculations.

Please note that TSUBAME points are valid until the end of the fiscal year (the end of March) and cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year.


How to purchase and pay for points

For campus users budget

Register your usage budget on TSUBAME Portal, and associate it with a TSUBAME group after receiving approval from the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, and then purchase points. Please refer to TSUBAME Portal User's Guide for more details.

Payment will be made by budget transfer. For the timing of the transfer, please refer to Purchase and charge (within campus).

For the case of non-campus users payment

It is processed by applications and invoices without going through the TSUBAME portal.