Please refrain from occupying the CPU in the login nodes.


Do not execute programs that occupy the CPU at login nodes (login, login0, login1). Please use compute nodes for parallel computation and long time computation. The following are examples of judgment criteria. Even if it is a permitted item or a program not listed here, it will terminate / delete without prior notice at the discretion of the system administrator about the program which is hindering the use of other users.

Unproblematic working
 - File transfer, compression, decompression (e.g. scp, sftp, rsync, tar)
 - Program Compilation (Please use the compute node when using many resources at once, such as parallel compilation)

Problematic working
 - Calculation using ISV application (e.g. MATLAB, AMBER)
 - Calculation using free application (e.g. WRF, Gromacs, svm-train, a.out)
 - Execution of programs that over 10 min(Without transfer).
 - Execution of parallel processing programs (including python and MPI)
 - Execution of programs that consume large amounts of memory
 - Simultaneous execution of multiple processes
 - Execution of server programs or auto-restart programs (e.g.  VSCode Server, Jupyter Notebook, added on 2019/06/12)
     →  Jupyter Lab and VS Code can be invoked in compute nodes via TSUBAE portal (added on n2021.04.06)

-  Frequent (every few seconds to tens of seconds) periodic qstat executions (added on 2022.04.07)
 - Others requiring a long time load on the CPUs

For the latest information, please refer corresonding section of User Guide.