MATLAB License server in campus


We will prepare a license server for those who use MATLAB on a large number of PCs in the laboratory and who have difficulty building a license server in the laboratory. We do not serve the set up of MATLAB license server for each laboratory on TSUBAME hosting separately. Please use this server.

You can use MATLAB by connecting to the license server from a PC connected to TITECH network. (Excluding Campus Wireless LAN, etc.)

It is unnecessary to apply to GSIC and renewal of the license. We will provide the latest version of license. 

Maintenance such as OS update and license renewal is scheduled on the first Wednesday afternoon (around 13:30) of every month. You can not use during that time. 

Who can use

Belongs to TITECH


This agreement is only permitted for research and educational purposes within the university and can not be used for collaborative research or contract research with profit organizations such as companies. In that case please purchase a commercial MATLAB license separately.

If you graduate or retire, you lose the right ro use. please uninstall MATLAB.

Please solve the problems caused by yourself. Most problems are caused by your environment, each problems can not be supported. Please refer to Install guide and Q&A of MathWorks. 

Even if you send a e-mail to the liccense administrator from the License Center, the license manager here is the contract agent so will not reply to the questions. For technical support, please use customer support of MathWorks. Please include your license number when contacting customer support



One of the following is necessary. And network and PC settings for connection to the license server are required. 

  1. Installer (MathWorks account is required), license file.
  2. DVD(TSUBAME account required), installation key, license file.

Create a MathWorks account and download the installer. Login with MathWoorks account is required at installation. Installation key is unnecessary. If you try to install using the installation key without logging  in with MathWorks account, you can not select available products.

If you do not use a MathWorks account, or if you can not connect outside the campus during the installation, install with DVD. Please download the DVD image and use it. The DVD image is located on TSUBAME. So you need to login on TSUBAME. 

The DVD image is located at /gs/hs0/GSIC/download/MATLAB/R2017b . Please use SCP or SFTP to download the one suitable for your OS. Installation key is required during installation. 

Image file OS
Windows 64bit
R2017b_maci64.iso MacOSX

License file

license.dat(R2017b)(accessible only in campus network)

Installation key

Installation key (accessible only in campus network) 

Network and PC setting

Make sure you can communicate by permitting communication of port 27000 and 37000 to license server .If you can not communicate, please change the network settings in the firewall, labolatory, building. 


When using the installer and MathWorks account
Launch the installer, log in with MathWorks account, select product, and install. Please select the license file (license,dat) downloaded at activation. 

If installing on ac PC not connected to the Internet, please boot from DVD. Use installation key to select the product and install it. Selecting a license file for activation is similar.

For details of the installation method, please click here.