How to transfer X with qrsh

This FAQ will explain how to transfer X with qrsh.
In this method, you can use GUI applications on other than f_node.
Please follow the procedure below.

(Preliminary Work)
Enable X forwarding and ssh to the login node.
Reference: FAQ "X application (GUI) doesn't work" section 1 and 2.

1.After logging in to the login node, execute the following command.
In the example below, GSICUSER will use s_core from login1 for one hour.
Please change the blue letter according to your group, resource, and time you want to use

With the scheduler update implemented in April 2020, you no longer need to specify -pty yes -display "$DISPLAY" -v TERM /bin/bash when executing qrsh.

GSICUSER@login1:~> qrsh -g GSICGROUP -l s_core=1,h_rt=0:10:00

2.Run the X application you want to use.
The following is an example with imagemagick.

GSICUSER@r1i6n3:~> . /etc/profile.d/
GSICUSER@r1i6n3:~> module load imagemagick
GSICUSER@r1i6n3:~> display


-Depending on the GUI application, there are applications that can not be activated or calculated by limiting memory or SSH.
-For memory, please use the appropriate resource type.
-Fluent can not be launched due to SSH restriction. To avoid this, use the -ncheck option (not supported by manufacturer).
-Schrodinger can be launched but can not compute by SSH restriction. You can use on f_node only.