Installing applications not provided by TSUBAME3

First of all, please refer to the following.

FAQ "I would like to use an application not provided by TSUBAME 3"

1.Installation directory
You can install in the following two places.
Please choose suited according to your operation.
If you need to share within the TSUBAME group such as members of the laboratory, please use the high speed storage area.
*Even if you change the permissions by chmod or some commands in the home directory, you can not share that.

 -Home directory. (/home/[0^9]/user_account/)
 -High speed storage area, as known as group disk. (/gs/hs[0-1]/TSUBAME_group/)

Reference: TSUBAME 3.0 User's Guide "3.Strage system"

2.Installation method

Please install application according to the manual or README or community forum of the application to be installed.
Depending on the application, it is necessary to compile the library or module or something from the source file by yourself. 
The following is a typical installation example.
*Application management software such as zypper can not be used, you have to compile from the source file basically.

example 1) executing configure script, generating makefile, then make, make test and make install:

$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/install
$ make && make test
$ make install

example 2)creating a directory for buid, cmake and make install:

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/install
$ make install

example 3)installin with install script:

$ ./


3.How to install python module
For the installation of the python module, please check the related URL below.

related URL
How to install numpy, mpi4py, chainer etc. using python/3.6.5