Notification to apply the license restriction for ANSYS (Jan. 31)

Jan. 17, 2018

In order to fairly use the license of ANSYS, we will implement restrictions as follows.

1. For CFD/Mechanical/HF/EM
(1) The base license limit per user will be set 4.
(2) HPC licenses will be only available on the compute nodes of TSUBAME. You can not parallel computing exceeding 16 resources in your lab.
(3) the upper limit of license usage time will be 96 hours. It does not affect to execute in TSUBAME.

2. Extra restriction for CFD
(1) The HPC license limit per user will be set 64. The maximum number of resources that can be used per user on TSUBAME is 16 + 64 = 80.

We will apply it with the setting of the license server, but we will forcibly terminate the job if it hold licenses exceeding the limit that can not be handled only by setting up the license server.

Depending on usage conditions, additional restrictions including functions other than CFD may be added or restrictions may be relaxed in the future.

In order to apply the above restrictions, we will perform maintenance of the license server as follows.

Time Window: 10:00 - 11:00, January 31, 2018
Impact: A new ANSYS job can not be executed. It also affects running jobs and work.