Notification of the end of COMSOL softaware distribution (at the end of FY2018)


COMSOL application media distribution for Tokyo-Tech user ends on the end of FY2018 for the following reason

  • Because of the small number of licenses, it is often that licenses to be occupied for a long time due to the execution of the GUI by one campus terminal, and other user can not use.
  • In Comsol's license management system, GUI and solver licenses can not be controlled separately and it is impossible to restrict occupation of licenses by GUI execution.
  • When comparing the performance of distributed application GUI and remote X transfer from TSUBAME, the performance degradation is minor, and there is little benefit of using distributed application GUI. 

Please use COMSOL on TSUBAME after FY 2019.
For details of how to use COMSOL on TSUBAME, please see the user's guide.