fiscal 2019 stopping TSUBAME3.0 computation service due to summer holiday/electric outage(8/7)


TSUBAME3.0 computation service will be stopped due to electric outage for regular inspection and summer holiday as follows.

In addition, a huge maintenance that can not be performed in normal operation will be carried out at that time.


1.stop period

From August 7 (Wed) to August 16 (Fri) 



* The time may be around.

In addition, if the inspection is postponed due to rain, it will stop additionally.


2.stop services

batch queue(all computation nodes will be stopped and unavailable.)

TSUBAME portal

login nodes(login0, 1)

storage services(/home,/gs/hs0,/gs/hs1,/gs/hs2)

license servers(TSUBAME3.0 software that refer to lice0. Including campus distribution software that refers to the server)


3.non-stop services

GSIC hostings

Web page of TSUBAME3.0 computation service(this Web site)


4.main work contents, purpose

 (under construction)