[Most important] Request to organize and transfer data


About the group disk permission,
Directories: 2770(rwxrws---),
Files: 660(rw-rw----)

Without doing this and graduate/move, they will be impossible to read/write/delete in the future.


Every year, we receive many inquiries that data has not been properly transferred and data necessary for future research cannot be read.
The data created by the user belongs to the user, and the user him/herself must properly manage, take over, and delete it.
Before the account is disabled, be sure to push data to the lab once or set appropriate permissions on the group disk so that group members can read and write. Also, delete unnecessary data as much as possible.
Also, it is very dangerous to operate various data with different capacity, number of files, and directory structure one by one with administrator authority. Therefore, in principle, GSIC does not move data and not delete/restore individual files.

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