segmentation fault occurs in mpirun/mpiexec.hydra with intel-mpi/19.6.166 or intel-mpi/19.7.217

There is a known issue that sometimes segmentation fault occurs in mpirun/mpiexec.hdyra with intel-mpi/19.6.166 or intel-mpi/19.7.217 by using shared resource type such as h_node, q_node.


$ mpirun -np 1 hostname
/apps/t3/sles12sp2/isv/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2020.0.166/linux/mpi/intel64/bin/mpirun: line 103: 24862 Segmentation fault      mpiexec.hydra -machinefile $machinefile "$@" 0<&0


To avoid this issue, please use f_node resource type or use intel-mpi/19.0.117.