About service outage due to end-of-year maintenance(2022 spring)


 The following end-of-year maintenance will be performed. The validity period of the account for use by "Student/Staff ID" and "Preferential Access Card" will be the validity period of the Tokyo Tech IC card, as stipulated in the "Detailed Regulations on the Use of the Computer System of the Academic Center for International Information and Computing at Tokyo Tech".Since many users will have a deadline of 3/31, please be sure to pull up your data once in the lab or set the appropriate permissions on the group disk and change them so that group members can read and write before your account becomes invalid.Also, please delete unnecessary data as much as possible.

1.stoppage period

 from 3/29(Tue) 9:00  until  4/6(Wed) evening


2.stoppage services

    batch  queue (all compute nodes)
 login (login0,1)
 storage services (/home,/gs/hs0,/gs/hs1) 
 license servers (lice0、remote、t3ldap1)…*1
 TSUBAME portal

 *1: Software distributed on campus that references this server will also be unavailable. To minimize the impact, the license server will be left running as much as possible during the period, but it may be intermittently unavailable for work, and there is no guarantee that it will be available properly.


3.Main work, purpose of work, and details of changes.

    The following is a list of software updates and other changes that will be made as of February 24.


 updates list of system software

  before the maintenance after the maintenance
kernel 4.12.14-95.80 4.12.14-95.88
cuda driver 440.33.01 450.172.01
lustre 2.12.5_ddn15 2.12.6_ddn66


 updates list of the applications(default version)

  before the maintenance after the maintenance
cuda 10.2.89 11.0.3
intel 21.5.0
nvhpc 21.2 22.2
intel-mpi 19.9.304 21.5.1
forge 21.0.0 21.1.3
intel-ins 22.0.0
intel-itac 20.3.036 21.5.0
intel-vtune 22.0.0
ansys R20.2 R21.1
comsol 56_u1 60_u1
matlab R2021a R2021b
clang 11.1.0 13.0.1
fftw 3.3.9 3.3.10
gcc 10.2.0 11.2.0
gnuplot 5.4.1 5.4.3
gromacs 2020.4 2022
lammps 10feb2021 29sep2021u2
openfoam 8.0 9.0
openfoam-esi v2012 v2106
paraview 5.9.0 5.10.0
python 3.9.2 3.10.2
singularity 3.7.1 3.8.6
tensorflow 2.4.1 2.8.0
tinker 8.8.3 8.10.1
tmux 3.1 3.2
cp2k 8.1.0 9.1.0
nccl 2.8.4 2.12.7
cudnn 8.1 8.3