I get an error when submitting a job, but I do not know which option is bad

The correspondence varies depending on the error.

  • qsub: Unknown option

The "qsub: Unknown option" error also occurs when there is an error in the line description starting with "#$" in the job script, besides the option of the qsub command. A common mistake is putting a space before and after the character "=". Please try deleting the space around "=".

  • Job is rejected, h_rt can not be longer than 10 mins with this group

If you do not specify the TSUBAME group with the -g option or newgrp, it is considered "Trial run".
"Trial run" has limitation only within 10 minutes, this error occurs when the specified h_rt option specifies more than 10 minutes

In case of "Trial run" please modify the h_rt option to 0:10:0.
If you want to execute it other than "Trial execution", specify the TSUBAME group with the -g option or newgrp.
* In this case, please confirm that you are participating in the appropriate TSUBAME group and that the TSUBAME group has points.
For the TSUBAME group please check TSUBAME portal usage guidance

  • Unable to run job: Job is rejected. h_rt must be specified.

It can not be executed because there is no description of h_rt option. Please set time and execute.

  • Unable to run job: the job duration is longer than duration of the advance resavation id AR-ID.

This error occurred because you specified a time longer than the reserved time.
Please refer the reservation of FAQ below.

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  • error: commlib error: can't set CA chain 

This error occurs when the certificate file required for submitting the automatically generated job in the home directory does not exist or is broken.

If you face this error, please try to re-generate it by logging in to TSUBAME after executing the following.

$ cd $HOME

$ mv .sge .sge.back