About the position of ISV applications available

ISV applications installed on TSUBAME are available only to those with IC cards for student/staff ID (students or full-time faculty/staff with employment relationship) under the contract with the software vendor. But some other positions are also allowed to use them under certain conditions.
The available positions differ depending on the application, so please check the conditions below and follow the procedures.

Applications that are available for people who have TSUBAME account

All users are ready to use the system, so no special procedures are required.

  • Gaussian
  • development environment and etc.


Applications available to academic users

Users affiliated with academic institutions and government agencies can use the library even if they are off-campus users (not available for industrial use), so please contact us for details.



Applications available if you use TSUBAME with an access card that is in a position that allows you to receive preferential on-campus billing treatment.

If an account based on the access card starting with A has already been issued, it will be accepted, so please inquire about using it. The purpose of the use is limited to academic research at Tokyo Tech, so use for research purposes at other institutions or industrial use is not allowed.