What to do if ANSYS does not start

If the following error:

Script Error: Microsoft JScript runtime error; Index out of bounds;

occurs, please try below.

1. Quit all of Ansys related programs.
2. Log in to the relevant Linux machine as the relevant general user and execute the following command.

$ mv ~/.ansys ~/.ansys.bak
$ mv ~/.config/Ansys ~/.config/Ansys.bak
$ mv ~/.mw ~/.mw.bak
$ mv ~/.mw.old ~/.mw.old.bak 

 For Fluent
$ mv ~/.fluentconf ~/.fluentconf.bak

 For CFX
$ mv ~/.cfx ~/.cfx.bak

3. Restart Ansys (After rebooting, a new ".ansys" or "Ansys" folder will be created for each folder in step 2. and your personal settings will be reset).