The job status is "Eqw" and it is not executed.


There is a possibility of a system failure, but it may be due to a job script mistake.

Please confirm with the following command.

$ qstat -j <job ID> | grep  error

Please confirm the following points. After checking, delete jobs with "Eqw" status with qdel command.

When there is a problem with file permission.

error reason    1:         time of occurrence [5226:17074]: error: can't open stdout output file "<
File of the cause>": Permission denied

When there is no line feed code problem, directory does not exist, or job script is invalid.

error reason    1:          time of occurrence [5378:990988]: execvp(/var/spool/uge/<hostname>/job_scripts/<jobID>, "/var/spool/uge/<hostname>/job_scripts/<jobID>") failed: No such file or directory

1. The line feed code of the job script is not in UNIX format.

If the line feed code is set to CR + LF on windows, it will also occur, so please confirm with the actual script together.

You can confirm with the file command.

 $ file <script file name>

#Output in case of  CR + LF

<Script file name>: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators

#Output in case of  LF

<Script file name>: ASCII text

You can also confirm cat command.

$ cat -e <script file name>

#Output in case of CR + LF

The end of line is displayed as ^M$

#$ -cwd^M$
#$ -l f_node=1^M$
#$ -l h_rt=0:10:00^M$
module load intel^M$

#Output in case of LF

The end of line is displayed as $

#$ -cwd$
#$ -l f_node=1$
#$ -l h_rt=0:10:00$
module load intel$

  • Do not edit scripts on Windows
  • When editing a script on Windows, make sure to check the line feed code by using an editor corresponding to the line feed code.
  • Correct the line feed code to LF with nkf command.
    • In case of other than LF, execute below command.

      $ nkf -Lu > 

Note: is an original file (before conversion) and is a converted file, respectively. Both file names must be different. If their names are identical, it will be corrupted. 

2. There is no such directory to be executed

Occurs when the execution directory described in the job script does not exist.

Please confirm with the following command.

$ qstat -j <job ID> | grep ^ error

error reason 1: 09/13/2017 12: 00: 00 [2222: 19999]: error: can not chdir to / gs / hs 0 / test - g / user 00 / no - dir: No such file or directory

3. The job script is described in the background job (with "&")

It will not be executed if it is entered and submitted as a background job (with "&") as shown below.


#$ -cwd
#$ -l f_node=1
#$ -l h_rt=1:00:00
#$ -N test


module load intel

./a.out &

4. When there is no file permission

Please set permissions appropriately.

Example) Grant read and execute permission to myself

$ chmod u+rx script_file

5. Disk Quota

Please check the group disk quota.
It is about 2 million inodes per 1 TB.

Please refer to FAQ below.

Checking the usage of group disks with command