【Trouble】occurred on 2017.9.23: batch job scheduler - Job submission fails when default group is used

Sep. 25, 2017

(Added on 2017/11/01) This problem is already solved. You no longer need to follow workaround below.

Since Sep. 23, trouble has occurred in the batch scheduling system . Symptom and provisional workaround are as follows.

If you belong to tsubame-users group (default group), executing the UGE command (qsub, qstat, qdel) results in an error.

Change the TSUBAME group with "newgrp" command before executing the UGE command. You can check the TSUBAME groups you can change by "id" command. 

      $ id 
      $ newgrp [TSUBAME group]

(Added on 2017/10/02)
Don't discribe the command above in .bashrc. Otherwise you can't login correctly.

(Added on 2017/10/10)
The group specified in newgrp command must have TSUBAME points even if you execute trial run, without -g option to qsub etc.
It is known that TSUBAME points will be deducted even in trial run case, but will be reimbursed later.