Cannot login to TSUBAME3 (ssh, Permission denied (publickey,hostbased) etc.)

Please refer the following checklist before contacting us for help.

1. Is your account name correct?
Please confirm you are using TSUBAME3 account.
The number of inquiries to fail using TSUBAME2 account is increasing.
Please refer to the following link for how to get the TSUBAME3 account. 

2. Did you registered a public key in correct format?
Please confirm that you have registered a public key in OpenSSH format to TSUBAME portal.
You can not login to TSUBAME3 if you registered a public key in PuTTY format.

Please refer to the following links for how to create a key pair.

Please refer to the following for how to register the public key. 

3.  Is the command you entered correctly? ( for Linux / Mac / Windows(Cygwin) )
Please make sure your login name and path to your private key file (*) are specified in the command line correctly.

$ ssh <TSUBAME3 account> -i <private key>

When your login name is gsic_user and the location of a secret key is ~/.ssh/t3-key,

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/t3-key

*: If your private key file is stored in one of the following locations under your home directory (the case that you have not modified the location from the default value), you can omit "-i <private key>" part.

  • .ssh/id_rsa, .ssh/id_dsa, .ssh/id_ecdsa, .ssh/id_ed25519

Please refer to the following man command for options of ssh command.

$ man ssh 

4. Does the symptom reproduce in another terminal environment?
There are various types of terminal software for Windows.
Please check whether it reproduces even with another terminal software.
If not reproduce, it may be a software-specific problem.
In that case we can not respond to your inquiries, so please understand.

If you do not solve any of the above solutions, please contact us with the following information.

■Operation system (Windows10, Debian10, macOS, Sierra10.12.6 and so on)
■Terminal software and the version (Cygwin, PuTTY, Rlogin and so on)
  For details on how to check the version, please refer to the terminal software manual.
  For Linux / Mac OS,  please send SSH version. You can check with the following command.

$ ssh -V

■The operation you tried. If you get an error, please send the details.
  For Linux / Mac OS, please send the output of ssh command with -v option (debug mode) including the command line itself.
    When an account name is gsic_user and the location of a secret key is ~/.ssh/t3-key,

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/t3-key -v