X application (GUI) doesn't work

In this page, X applicatoin indicates the application that is installed in TSUBAME3 and can work on the X environment, that is GUI application.

Please check the troubleshooting below.

1. X server application is installed and active on the client PC

There are a lot of X server applications for Windows.
Please confirm that one of them is installed and on active.

Please confirm XQuartz is installed and configured.

Please confirm both of the X11 server application and its libraries are installed.

2. The X transfer option in the terminal is enabled.
■ A Terminal on Windows (Except for Cygwin)
The setting method differs depending on your terminal and X server application.
Please check the manual of each application.

Please confirm the ssh command contains the option -y and -c (these are the options for X transfer)

$ ssh account_name@login.t3.gsic.titech.ac.jp -i key -YC

Example: in case of gsic_user as account_name and ~/.ssh/t3-key as key, then

$ ssh gsic_user@login.t3.gsic.titech.ac.jp -i ~/.ssh/t3-key -YC

Please refer to the output of the following command for ssh option.

$ man ssh 

3. Error reproduces in another terminal/Xserver
There are various free terminal softwares/X server applications for Windows.
Please check the same error occurs another terminal/X server.
It may be due to compatibility between terminal and X server.
It may be compatible with isv application.
If it does not reproduce in other applications, there is a possibility that it is an application specific problem.
In that case we can not respond even if you contact us, please understand.

In addition, depending on the X application, command options may be required.
Please check the manual of X application you want to use.


Some GL applications that do not work with normal X forwarding/VNC connection may work with VirtualGL, so please give it a try if needed.

For the detail of VirtualGL, please refer to User's Guide.


4. Operation check
If it is in an interactive node, the standard terminal emulator of X Window System is started with the following command. Please confirm whether to start.

$ xterm 

If xterm works but the X application you want to use does not work, please try "3. Error reproduces in another terminal/Xserver"

Example of failure

xterm: Xt error: Can't open display: 
xterm: DISPLAY is not set

Please check 1 and 2 if the error occurs.

5. Application use
Do not execute programs that occupy the CPU at login nodes.
Please use compute nodes for Full-scale use including visualization.

Please refer to the FAQ below for information on using the GUI application at the compute node.
Reference: FAQ "How to transfer X with qrsh"

When using f_node, X transfer can be performed with the ssh -Y command.

Please inform us of the following when you inquire
■Operating System you use (例 Windows10,Debian10,macOS Sierra10.12.6)

■Terminal environment that the error occurs (Cygwin, PuTTY/VcXsrv, Rlogin/Xming)

For Windows, the both versions of the terminal and X server application.
see the manuals for applications for checking versions.
Please inform the version of SSH in case of using Linux/Mac with the command below.

$ ssh -V

■Please send us the contents you tried so far, or if you get an error, please describe the error.