I would like to use an application not provided by TSUBAME 3

Please check if it applies to the following items.
If applicable, you can install it freely at your own risk.
Please check the installation manual and the license agreement of the application.

  • Works with OS installed in TSUBAME(SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5). Software requiring Windows or Mac OS won't work.
  • Not requiring administrator privilege (root) to install it.
  • Possible to install it to your own home directory or group disk. (It is not allowed to install it to any specified nodes' local disk.)
  • With a valid license.  
  • Not requiring the change to the settings for the kernel, libraries or the system itself.
  • If only under these conditions, you can install it and use it on your own responsibility.
  • No need for GSIC support.

As described above, GSIC will not help anything about the applications brought by users, as we do not know anything about it.

In case of problems, users themselves must distinguish whether it comes from the application itself or the general issue of TSUBAME, and ask application vendors for application-specific problems.

The versions of libraries and drivers may be changed at the time of the regular maintenance of TSUBAME etc. In that case, you might need to reconfigure the application you had used. Please be aware of the risk of losing compatibility in the future.