How to get started with TSUBAME3

This part shows the flow until setup an environment for running program.

There are 6 steps necessary to use TSUBAME3.

When step 1 and 2 are done, login is enabled.
To submit jobs, you need to complete additional steps 3 - 5.
In addition to your home directory of 25GiB, if you need additional volumes, do step 6.

1. Getting an account [each user]
2. SSH key pair generation and the public key registration [each user]
3. Creation of a group [group administrator only]
4. Addition of users to the group [group administrator and its members]
5. Point purchase [group administrator only]
6. Setup of group disk [group administrator only]

* [] is the persons who need to do the step.

For details, refer to TSUBAME Portal User's Guide.

For storages provided on TSUBAME3, refer to TSUBAME3.0 User's Guide "3. Storage system".

If you can not login, please troubleshoot according to Cannot login to TSUBAME3.