How to use scrath area

TSUBAME 3.0 provides the following scratch area.
For details, please refer to Storage use on Compute Nodes in the TSUBAME3.0 User's Guide 

1. Local scratch area
The environment variable $TMPDIR that is allocated only on compute node is the local scratch area.

$ TMPDIR is usually a unique directory for each job under /scr.

You can not write directly under /scr.

2. Shared scratch area
It is available only for the batch job script using f_node of resource type F. Please specify "#$ -v USE_BEEOND=1".
/beeond directory is allocated.

3. /tmp directory
There is a 2GB capacity limit for the /tmp directory.
There is a concern that problems such as hanging up of the execution program may occur when creating large scratch files.
Please consider using the scratch directories in 1. and 2.