Can not find user even though searched when adding a user to a group

If the target user can not be searched on the user addition screen of the portal, there are the following reasons.

  • TSUBAME account application has not been completed
    The TSUBAME account is not automatically created as you enroll, and each user needs to apply for an account via the Tokyo Tech Portal. Until the account application is completed, it will not appear in the account search by the group administrator.
    In addition, if the applicant is an owner of an access card, the account application from the TSUBAME portal will only be valid if it has the same status as the Tokyo Tech staff/student. Also, because it is not automatically approved, it is necessary to send a document certifying your identity. So please complete the procedure with reference to the explanation of that page.
    For details of account application, please refer to "Getting accounts".

  • Attribute of user and attribute of TSUBAME group do not match

    When creating a TSUBAME group, you should have set up what kind of users can belong as group divisions. You can not add users who are out of that condition. For example, you can not add external users to "Only teachers and students at Tokyo Institute of Technology Group". In such a case, a message like "This user is not eligible to participate" is displayed. Because group classification can not be changed afterwards,so please create a group of appropriate attribute that allows you to subscribe to that user.
    In addition, if a new entitlement to an existing account occurs, such as when a user using HPCI newly started a joint research with Tokyo Institute of Technology with competitive funding, by appending an existing account name when applying for the new qualified account, you will be able to belong to that group.