I want to copy a large amount of data from/to TSUBAME

Please consider the following topics to improve the performance of data transfer between TSUBAME and external computers.

Pack the files to appropriate size

Large amounts of small files reduce transfer speed. Pack such files using the tar command to archives of 1GB size each.

Change transfer protocols

If you do not get enough speed with scp / sftp, consider using rsync or CIFS(Tokyo Tech users only) protocols.

For more details on the CIFS connection, please refer "Storage Service (CIFS)" section of the TSUBAME users guide.

Remove the bottleneck on the network route

  • If you have old LAN cables (CAT-3 or CAT-5 (not CAT-5e)), switching hubs, or routers whose link speed is lower than 1000 Mbps, replace them with newer ones.

  • When using a router (WiFi router, NAT router, broadband router, etc.), connect your computer to the external network (in Tokyo Tech, IP address starting with 131.112 or 172.16-31) directly.

For details of the network at Tokyo Tech, please contact the network administrator of the laboratory. If you are not sure, please contact the branch manager for each building or organization.

(Tokyo Tech Users Only) Use the iMac terminal of Education Computer Systems

If it is difficult to change the network configuration, you can bring your HDD to the GSIC and connect it to the iMac terminal of the Education Computer Systems in the exercise room to transfer the data. Please check the opening hours.

Terminal room location and Opening Hours (in Japanese)

Hardware (in Japanese)