Announcement of the official launch of the Interactive queue and the start of offering it to off-campus users for a fee (from 2021.8 after the maintenance)


(2021.8.18 updated)

The following technical problem regarding the provision of the dedicated queue for interactive jobs for a fee has been resolved, and the service will be available from the end of today's maintenance according to the original schedule.

(2021.8.5 updated)

Due to a technical problem with the queue for interactive jobs, we will postpone the start of the service to early December.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

As a part of the countermeasure for TSUBAME congestion, we have been providing a dedicated interactive job node for campus users on a trial basis.

After the scheduled maintenance due to the power outage in August (the schedule will be announced later), we will officially offer the service to all users of TSUBAME.

Interactive queue is an environment prepared to share the same resource among users so that they are less likely to fail to secure a node even when congested, and can quickly start visualization and interactive programs.

Campus users who were eligible to use the service during the trial period can continue to use the service free of charge (those with a student ID, staff ID, or preferential access cards).
Other users who are newly eligible to use the service can use it by spending TSUBAME points.
The formula for calculating the points to be consumed as of the start of implementation in December August 2021 is as follows. (For the latest formula, please refer to Regulations / detailed usage rules (in Japanese))

points used per job
=ceil(number of nodes × resource type coefficient × priority coefficient × actual execution time(seconds))
(resource type is 「I」 for interactive job, resource type coefficient is 0.20)

Please refer to interactive queue in the User's Guide for usage instructions, and the resource limits for node restrictions. (The description of user restrictions will be updated during maintenance.)