Announcement of a maintenance of group disk /gs/hs0(10/18)

A problem has occurred with the storage controller that provides the group disk /gs/hs0, and maintenance operations such as status display and disk replacement are not possible. A reboot of the controller is required for recovery.

Since there are already several failed disks that cannot be replaced, maintenance will be performed as follows.

   date: 10/18(Mon) 9:00 - 10:00
   target: /gs/hs0
   impact: Access to the area may be delayed for several minutes to several tens of minutes.


Since there are multiple controllers, the entire file system will not stop during the maintenance, but the disk array under the control of the controller being worked on will stop responding, and I/O will resume after the reboot is completed. If the load on the file system is low, it is expected to take about 5 minutes to complete, but if the load is high, it may take several tens of minutes.

Please avoid the following operations on TSUBAME portal during the above period, as they may be delayed or fail as well.

  • purchasing group disk
  • creating TSUBAME group