【failure report】2022.05.31 : network trouble

A trouble occurred and restored as follows.


 Cannot access to TSUBAME login nodes and portal.


 since 2022/5/31(Tue) around 22:16 until 6/1(Wed) around 00:40


 During the night of May 31, there was a nighttime switchover of the campus network, and communication between TSUBAME and the external network became unavailable at around 22:16. The network was switched back on, and communication was restored around 00:40 the next day.
During this time, the internal network of TSUBAME was operating normally, and the computation nodes and scheduler were working normally.


4.affcted jobs

 Jobs that are running during the above time period and connect to outside TSUBAME. (including the Web service execution function of TSUBAME Portal)

 Since we cannot determine whether each job is affected or not, if you have a job (including subsequent jobs) that did not operate properly due to this failure and wish to receive compensation for TSUBAME points, please contact us with the job ID.