Notification of purchase deadline for points that need to be used during the fiscal year


After December 31, it will be impossible to purchase the TSUBAME points with any budget excluding corporate operating expenses (法人運営費) and scholarship donation (奨学寄附金).
*It is already impossible if the acceptable period of the new order (see 新規請求事項発生可能期間) has passed.

Therefore, excepting corporate operating expenses and scholarship donation, it is necessary to purchase points to be used in the period from January to March in 2018 in advance.

If you purchase points with corporate operating expenses or scholarship donation from the next January to March, you will need to pay the equivalent amount from the next fiscal year's budget.

In addition, it takes about 1 ~ 2 business days for the procedure of approval/disapproval by the system administrator after application for a new payment code. It may take more if there are a large number of applications.
Without a significant increase in the number of applications, We could complete the procedure of approval/disapproval for all the cases of the application by Dec. 27, if you apply for a new payment code by 9:00 am, Dec. 26.
If you are planning to purchase points with the budget excluding corporate operating expenses or scholarship donation in this fiscal year but have not apply for a new payment code yet, please apply for it earlier.

TSUBAME portal User's Guide
5.3.     Purchase points

As informed on Known Issues, It is confirmed that an error may occurs in points displayed on the TSUBAME portal. (ID: T3KI-20171207A, T3KI-20171130A, T3KI-20171031A)
Please contact us through Contact if you need to know the exact points of your TSUBAME group.

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