Notice of TSUBAME portal maintenance(7/5-7/30) (Updated on 9/12)

Update: 2019.9.12

On July 5th, we found security risk in TSUBAME portal.

To cope with this issue, we had to update TSUBAME portal software immediately, and we decided to stop the operation of TSUBAME portal.

All functions of TSUBAME portal resumed by July 30th.

We find no evidence of illegal disclosure or modification of user data and accounting information etc.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


TSUBAME portal has been under maintenance since 11:30 due to an emergency.

Resumption date has not yet been decided.

(Added at 7/5 14:45, translated at 20:30) We expect the recovery of TSUBAME portal will take at least a few days.

(Added at 7/9 14:30, translated on 7/10) We announced a rough schedule for recovery; however, the schedule is subject to change.

(Added at 7/10 16:45) You can check remaining TSUBAME points using t3-user-info command in the login nodes.

(Added at 7/12 14:00) TSUBAME portal is resumed with limited functionality.

Here is the list what you can do and cannot: (As of 7/12)

【What you can do】
・Login to TSUBAME login nodes
・Job submission and execution
・Data transfer (
rsync, sftp, etc.)
・Creating new accounts (7/12-)
・Setting password for CIFS access (7/12-)
・Registration of SSH public keys (7/12-)

【What you cannot do at all】
・Checking usage reports
・Application of new payment codes
・Creating new TSUBAME groups

【What we can do for you manually, if there's urgent necessity】*Please contact via the contact form, the reply will be made only in working hour of weekdays
・Purchasing TSUBAME points for existing groups using existing payment codes
・Add/remove members to/from existing groups
・Purchasing group disk for existing groups
・Node reservation (As we process manually, sudden requests may not be granted)

Regardless of those categories, you can do all portal operations physically from Kiban system group (基盤システムグループ), which is located on the second floor of GSIC (Information) building, Ookayama campus. (9:00-12:00, 13:30-17:00 of weekdays)

Estimated schedule for recovery (As of 7/9)

・7/12(Fri) New account creation, SSH public key registration, Password registration for CIFS and connection from GSIC lecture room
・7/22(Mon) Group, TSUBAME point related services, Node reservation
・After that: Payment code related services, Usage reports, User information related services, Job history, etc.